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This makes me happy (Taken with instagram)

This makes me happy (Taken with instagram)

Dove in the garden! (Taken with instagram)

Dove in the garden! (Taken with instagram)

The only beats I am digging at the moment is beetroot (Taken with instagram)

The only beats I am digging at the moment is beetroot (Taken with instagram)

some romantic thoughts about music and money

You know when you become so familiar with something you dont even question it or think about it until someone says something to illuminate the well worn crevises of your mind and then suddenly your whole view changes. Well i have had that happen with my ideas about music in the last 2 months. It is more interesting for me because i am a musician (at least a student who pretends to be a musician for the time being).

so this is how i see it stands at the moment.

Music = commodity / commodity = commercial value / commercial value = devaluation and control of content

It is only a recent invention the commodity. and although we are used to music being part of that, for much of the long history of humans they have not been compatible. I am just about to leave my little nest of student loans and cosy lectures and soon will have bills to pay and support my fiance and soon to be family. I guess this is a decision that a lot of musicians have to make at the start of their flights into music;  can i make a career in the industry? Now normally the decision will be based on whether it is going to be possible for the aspiring musician to do that? It is now harder than ever to realisticly make a living out the music industry.

But a question that is not normally in peoples minds is; do i want to put the pressure of making money out of music? This is a question i have definitely been pondering. Do i get a ‘regular’ job and then play, create and build music; free from the strain and pressure that having to make money brings. or do i go for the throat and try to make a career in the already established industry?

One of the positives i have brought out of having to write 10,000 words on subjects that initially bored my teeth out was that you do learn a few things in the process. Jacques Attali is a french economist and has some really interesting ideas about money. Attali theorizes that music is prophetic (he is not a christian) and it fore runs the course that the rest of society will take. That when it is free from commercial value it returns to its original meaning and becomes and catalyst for change. I agree.

I recently went to go and buy a worship cd produced by a big church in the charismatic movement that we all know and love. I was slightly irritated when the only cd they had for sale was a dvd version that was £18. Seriously a worship cd. You had to buy the dvd version, it was the only option and it was £18! i mean in the current climate too people are barely getting jobs ha ha ok rant over but that really bugs me. I love the church and i mean that honestly. i have been in their services and they are powerful full of love and grace. But i think we miss something when we turn something powerful and pure into a commodity and aply economic models etc.

There obviously is a balance to this we need to generate money to sustain and grow and in this case that money would probably go to a really good cause. But my opinion is that music and of course worship is sacred and when we start to build industry around it we devalue it. It will eventually lose its power.

So this is something i have been pondering and I think  I have come to the conclusion that I dont want to put the pressure of making a living out of the sale of my own music. I dont have a problem with making money out of music, and i will probably let people give what they want for it, i just dont want the pressure. i want to indulge and share in abundance. Theoretically anyway. I am up for changing the world with music not just following the line within its existing structures. I am up for finding some of the power it was originally intended with. Living in the glory and sharing it like wine and milk without price.

"Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost." Isaiah 55:1

so to celebrate my romanticism  i am giving away my favorite song for download. feel free to download it and share it as much as you want. just click on the little arrow on the right of the soundcloud player to download.


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